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I'm Lottie. I love art, architecture, food, fashion, film, interiors, gardening, craft, photography and travel, and have spent the last 15 years finding ways to write about all these wonderful things. I've been blogging since February 2005, and in that time I've had two children, renovated a house, co-founded a branch of the Women's Institute, and spent a lot of time on Instagram.

My background
I narrowly avoided a career in newspaper journalism in London, where I wrote things like this and that, instead returning to Bristol to work in publicity. My work on the BBC Food website was a crash course in recipe development, writing and proofing, and I also have experience in the worlds of film, animation, art, architecture and interiors.

I've been messing about with words ever since, and I now write freelance - currently, I am the parents editor for Beano.com, a regular contributor to magazines like Project Calm, In The Moment and Mollie Makes, and I'm co-producing a new podcast (launching 2019). I love alliteration, and can never resist a good pun.

My work
Contact me for more information about my services - digital content, feature ideas, copywriting, editing, proof-reading, blogging, reviews, social media, marketing, press and PR, and plenty more. Or visit my portfolio website for examples of my work.

Do you accept paid posts?
Yes. Have a look at my sponsorship page for more information.

Why Oyster and Pearl?
Oyster is an anagram of my surname and Pearl was my favourite girl baby name. I never like to see a good idea go to waste.

Why do you blog?
Alain de Botton tweeted: 'Fully recognising certain moments as the good times and drawing value from them - that's also an art.' Pretty much sums it up for me.

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