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Interiors Post: Spring Spruce Ups with Wayfair


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I’ve teamed up with Wayfair to bring you 'Spring Spruce Ups', a collection of advice, inspiration, and little DIY hacks for you to try at home ahead of the spring season. The blue sky from last weekend may have faded to grey but its spirit lives on for me, as it gave me renewed energy to get things sorted at home. Read on to find out what I've got planned...

A Spring Refresh Q&A with Lottie Storey, Oyster & Pearl 

Wayfair: What expert tips do you have when it comes to keeping your home organised and clutter free? 

Clutter free is definitely an aspiration in this house! With five kids and two cats to consider, there's a lot of 'stuff' to manage. I've learned to keep things really simple and to think carefully about where things go. Once there's a system in place, it's easier to communicate that to everyone in the house. So, we have a peg each in the porch for coats and bags, a shoe bin each in the hallway. The kitchen and utility room are organised by type so all tins are in once place, all jars in another. We have a whole drawer dedicated to bread and what goes on it! I loved watching The Home Edit on Netflix - their approach is similar to mine ie get everything out, see what you've got and then think logically about what goes together and where it should be. 

Wayfair: Are there any spruce ups or small refreshes you like to do as we transition from winter into a new spring season?

Definitely. I've already washed all the cushion covers in the living room and made a homemade furniture spray using bicarbonate of soda and essential oils, to give that room a clean and fresh feel. This weekend, I'm going to take all of the candles off the mantelpiece and replace them with something springier. And the kitchen gets a mini makeover too, with bowls of hyacinths blooming, jugs of willow and vases of tulips to bring in spring. 

Wayfair: When you think about a bedroom refresh, what materials, colours or accents do you like to incorporate and why?

The first things to consider are how you want a bedroom to feel and what you're dealing with in terms of natural light. When we decorated our bedroom last year, I wanted it to feel like a warm and cosy sanctuary. It faces south-east, so we get loads of natural light flooding in every morning, but by the afternoon it's much darker. But dark is fine for a bedroom, so we chose a sage green colour (Farrow & Ball 'Lichen') for the walls and took it over onto the ceiling, too, for extra cosiness. The bedroom overlooks a park so the green paint acts as a bridge between the bedroom and what's going on outside. 

Wayfair: When it comes to bedding, how can people use theirs to spruce up their bedroom while on a budget?

To keep our bedroom from feeling too murky, our bed linen rotates through florals, pink and white ticking, fresh white linen, and a bright watercolour design from Bluebell Gray. If you're on a budget and want a refresh, try dyeing an old set of cotton bed linen using a Dylon dye - they come in so many lovely colours that you're bound to find one that fits with the rest of your room. You can even try tie-dying as a way to introduce more pattern. Cushions can lift a bed as they add colour and texture - bring some up from the living room or swap them around, and if you don't have anything that suits your existing room then replacement covers can be cheap. You could even try making your own if you have a piece of fabric going spare. 

My Wayfair Picks for the Spring Season

Get the garden ready for a possible heatwave (we can but hope) by digging over the garden, planting bulbs, shrubs and plants, and giving the patio a sweep and power-wash. 

Create an outdoor haven - a kind of al fresco living room - by choosing comfortable and beautiful furnishings that work outside as well as in. 

My picks:

Flatweave jute and sisal outdoor rug - from £18.99

Black enamelled charcoal barbecue - £214.22

Vintage dolly tub style planter - £30.99

Cream crochet traditional hammock - £179.99

Teak rocking armchair - £429.99

My Spring Spruce Up Highlight

I've become a bit too obsessed with Facebook Marketplace and upcycling the treasures I find there. This time last year, we passed the first lockdown with this project, a chalk paint dining table makeover

Since then, we've moved house and the table is still going strong in our new house - in fact, it's the heart of the home (below).

Spring Spruce Up Inspiration 

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For anyone planning to spruce up their homes this spring, Wayfair has everything you need for dreamy updates, organisation and more, including storage, home furnishings and decor, lighting, home textiles and rugs

Tip: It’s always worthwhile to keep an eye out for potential sales and discounts on Wayfair. 

Wayfair Spring Spruce Ups: Wayfair Recommends 

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1. Ravenna Stripe Duvet Cover Set - Fresh bedding in spring's most coveted hue - blush

2. Caramie Floating Desk - An update on your current WFH set up

3. Table Vase - To showcase all your fresh blooms for spring

4. Arbol Bookends - To support your new and most-loved reads

5. Nuri Accent Mirror - Reflect light around the room now that days are getting longer

5 Ways Bring a Little Calm into Your Home

As well as working as a lifestyle writer and content creator, my other passion is mental health (I'm training to be a counsellor right now!). I'm really aware of how home can affect how we feel, and it's so important to make it your happy place. Here are my tips for a calm home, that pleases all your senses. 

1. Sight: Re-arrange a shelf; clean all the windows; place flowers around the home; swap artwork around; a tub of seasonal flowers outside the front step or a spring wreath on the door

2. Sound: Make a spring playlist; hang some chimes outside the window; fix that creaky step; open the windows more often to hear people going by or ice cream vans in the distance

3. Touch: Refresh rugs with a deep vacuum or a bash on the washing line; keep pots of herbs in the kitchen for fresh picking; change up cushion covers and bed linen; think about natural finishes if you're shopping for new furniture; treat yourself to a new hand cream

4. Taste: Explore seasonal flavours or revisit spring favourites, such as rhubarb, mint or leeks; try a new herbal tea; drink plenty of water; get ready for Easter with some early chocolate tasting! 

5. Smell: Pots of strongly scented bulbs that waft through the house; try a new scented candle; burn bright scented essential oils (I like Sweet Orange); dry your laundry on the line for an extra fresh scent; open windows as often as possible to let in the warmer air

How about you - do you have ideas for sprucing up your home for spring? What about ways to make your home feel calm and happy? I'd love to know so leave me a comment x

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