Monday, 10 February 2020

House Renovation 2020 has begun!

A couple of months ago, we exchanged on our new house in Bristol. But we didn't move in. The house we bought is uninhabitable. It has no central heating or gas supply. It's a proper doer-upper. And today, the builders have begun!

Finally. It's taken a couple of months of wrangling, party wall paperwork and finalising of designs and budgets, but we're off the starting blocks now.

While we were waiting for the above to be ironed out, Mike and I spent many evenings and weekends up at the house, doing the sort of DIY we're best at (destroying stuff, basically). We stripped the wallpaper from every wall, removed the old kitchen and utility, knocked down an outhouse, demolished the two stone sixties fireplaces and removed doors.

Knackering but so much fun.

And now the builders are in! They'll be clearing the site first, before starting work on a dormer loft conversion (two bedrooms and a bathroom, to house three of the kids), knocking the separate bathroom and loo into one room, creating an en-suite for our bedroom, building a side return extension to house our new kitchen/dining room, and splitting the middle room into a utility and an office.

It's loads of work!

And we get to do the fun stuff: deciding on what colours to paint, how to decorate each room, what kind of kitchen we want and all that exciting business.

I've never re-decorated an entire house before. Have you? Where did you start? Any tips on a Victorian house renovation?

We're capturing the whole thing here and on Instagram (my account plus a new one we've started specifically for the build) so come over and find us there if you want to see it unfold over the next six months or so.

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