Tuesday, 19 November 2019

9 Ways To Stay Warm Without Putting On The Central Heating

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We’re part-way into November, the mercury is in single figures, and us freelance work-from-homers are feeling the chill. I have my own ways of keeping the heating off while remaining alive through the winter months, and I thought it might be worth sharing my tips here.

This post has been in my drafts for a while now but I was prompted to hit publish after spotting a thread on a freelance writers’ Facebook group I’m in. And this post also contains affiliate links which means if you decide to buy something I’ve recommended, the cost to you is the same but I may make a few pennies (this isn’t me being twee – it’s literally pennies!).

Let’s go!


1. Hot water bottle

While you’re boiling the kettle for the umpteenth cuppa of the day (warming you up from the inside), you may as well take advantage and fill a hot water bottle too. I place mine in the small of my back or on my lap with my laptop on top. Been expecting some kind of message warning me of overheating but it hasn’t happened yet (perhaps my laptop likes it hot, too). You can get a hot water bottle anywhere, of course, but my favoured brand is Fashy. Plus I have a Donna Wilson cashmere hot water bottle cover which makes me very happy.

2. Microwave neck pillow

I have a couple of these heavy, fleecy pillows. You heat them in the microwave for a few minutes and the filling – made of buckwheat and lavender – warms up, transmitting its heat to your neck. Obviously you don’t have to limit this to your neck. I’ve been known to stuff one up my jumper. You can also get these as cherry stone cushions for other bits of the body.

3. Electric blanket

We’ve had an electric blanket on our bed for a while and although it’s usually reserved for a quick blast before bed, I have been known to take myself back to a toasty bed on particularly chilly days.

4. Electric cushion

Related, I also have a fluffy faux sheep cushion that plugs in and warms up. It has gaps to slide your feet into, making it a very efficient, localised warmer-upper. Just don’t let the kids get their mitts on it – they love it but they never remember to unplug it!

5. Knitwear

Obvious but I couldn’t be without my collection of hats, snoods, scarves, jumpers, cardigans, arm warmers, fingerless gloves and chunky socks. Add a blanket and a pair of slippers into the mix and that’s pretty much the whole body covered.

6. Thermals

I have an arsenal of warming undergarments, including vests, long-sleeved tops, leggings, and tights – my favourites come from Uniqlo and Marks and Spencer. While we’re talking Uniqlo, their down gilets are a good option too.

7. Hairdryer

A quick blast up the jumper with a warm hairdryer is actually surprisingly effective!

8. A burst of physical activity

Put the hoover round, run up and down the stairs, twenty star jumps – all good ways to get the blood pumping.

9. An unconventional option...

My friend was recently complaining that she had never been so warm as when dressed as a gorilla for Halloween. So if all else fails, try wearing a rubber mask. Just remember to remove it before opening the door to the postman!

How do you stay warm when it's blimmin' freezing? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram or Twitter

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