Monday, 11 March 2019

Introducing Body Cons podcast

Today is a very special day indeed. After months of hard work behind the scenes, we're ready to release our new podcast into the world! Introducing Body Cons...

Rewind a bit. Last year, I was asked to appear as a guest on two of my favourite podcasts. Conversations From Our Days (previously A Playful Day) is an excellent look at those moments in everyday life that define and shape us, and in this episode between, Kate, Vicky and me, we talk about autism and parenting. It was an incredibly open and honest conversation, sometimes painful but ultimately optimistic and full of strength. I'm so grateful to Kate for inviting us to open up about some of the realities of how parenting can be for us as we don't often get this kind of platform. I wouldn't have known most of this until it became my reality so if you don't have direct experience with autism then I think it might be an important and helpful episode to hear.

Secondly, my friend Sas Petherick asked me to chat to her about how I found my writing voice for her podcast. Courage & Spice is a podcast for humans with self-doubt (all of us then!) and a fourth series is in the works, so go subscribe. I absolutely loved our conversation which we recorded around Sas's kitchen table with Bodhi the dog joining in! Defining yourself as a writer can be a tricky one - it took me a long time to show up in that role 100% and so talking publicly about how I found my voice wasn't easy. Sas is so bloody ace, though, that it felt like a cosy, intimate chat with a friend. She's pretty skilled like that.

And now, today, the first episode of my very own podcast has hit the digital airwaves. Body Cons is a podcast taking a curious look at one of modern life's most pressing subjects: body image. We've travelled the country to have these conversations, tracking down the expert voices that bring real credence to every episode, opening up the conversation to listeners all over the world.

Back in the nineties, I wrote the dissertation for my Psychology degree on the impact of women's magazines on self esteem, and it's been a pet subject of mine ever since. Navigating my way through feminism, parenting, diet culture, self-esteem and more, looking back I can see that all of this life experience has come together in the podcast, and I know my podwife, Molly Forbes, has taken her own route to a similar destination. She and I didn't know each other (other than on the internet) before we embarked on this project, and I'm constantly amazed at how brilliant she is - talented and tenacious, we've been lucky to stumble upon each other and even luckier that we have chemistry and such similar interests.

Anyway, if you're interested in any of these subjects - body image, diet culture, parenting, activism, popular culture and the media, feminism, disability rights, self-love, all the juicy stuff, basically - then subscribe and listen over the next ten weeks of Body Cons, where we'll be diving into all of it along with some excellent expert interviewees.

Can't wait to hear what you think!

Oh, and we're @bodyconspodcast over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, or you can find us at and on all good podcast platforms. And our beautiful artwork is by Hannah Broadway and music is 'Teeth White' used under license from The Staves.
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