Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Family home | Bathrooms and preening teens

In a household with five children ranging from seven to eleven years old, the teen grooming years are looming dangerously close. The house we live in now has two bathrooms and a downstairs loo, which is just about sufficient when we're at full capacity. But I'm not sure this'll be the case for long.

We're already seeing the older three spending longer in the bathroom, taking more of an interest in their appearance and, well, pinching the hairdryer in pursuit of the perfect footballer hair-do. Pots of gel are left, lid off, on every surface and someone definitely needs a lesson in less-is-more when it comes to perfume application (will have to introduce the Queer Eye 'Spray, delay, walk away!' motto). If the same is true in your home, then maybe it's time for some home improvements. Yes, we have two bathrooms, but I'm not sure there's such a thing as too many (and I'm always envious of American homes that seem to have more bathrooms than bedrooms).

If all things were equal, I'd install a good few new bathrooms, and I've been window-shopping over at better bathrooms. who sell traditional bath shower screens as well as compact shower trays and enclosures. But where would our new bathroom go?

Use the space under the stairs

In some houses (not ours!), there may be enough space to install a shower under the stairs. Not as weird as it sounds - have a look at some clever examples here. But at least half of our family are going to be giants so the limited headroom might rule this one out for us.

Create a new bathroom in your loft

If you have the right type of loft space, it could be possible to install a new bathroom up there. It's a tricky one though - a bath full of water is very heavy, so you may need to have some of your ceiling beams reinforced, and place it at the edge of the loft space. Just installing a shower? You're less likely to need the reinforcement BUT you may have to install it towards the middle of the loft so that there is enough headspace. Not sure which option is preferable...

Install a corner shower in your child's bedroom

Who wouldn't feel like the fanciest teen on the block with a personal shower in their bedroom? So cool. It can be done. There are sealed units on the market that are specially designed for this purpose, so all you need to do is to run the pipes for the water and drainage. Got the space? Create a small room for the shower and install a basin, too. However, if you are really tight on space there is no problem with just installing the unit in a corner and maybe putting up a solid screen to keep it out of sight.

Check the building regulations before starting work

Before you go ahead with installing a new shower or bathroom you need to be sure that you can install the drainage in a way that complies with building regulations, and that the area is well-ventilated. The last thing you want is for moisture to get into your walls and floors, as this can lead to mould and rot taking hold within your home. No thanks!

My lottery-win ideas are saved to a Bathrooms board over on Pinterest - have a flick through if you like. Mmmmm.... pink tiles....

Would you choose any of these options for your home?
What would your dream bathroom look like? I'd love to know - leave me a comment!

Amazing peacock image is by John Cameron on Unsplash.
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