Monday, 22 January 2018

What is your something yellow?

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What’s your something yellow?

After a particularly hard day at the office, my boyfriend comes home and requests something yellow. He’s not after a bowl of custard. Or a bunch of daffodils. What he means is this.

You know that feeling when you’re just a bit spent and you need to zone out for a bit? Not completely, but just enough to reset your brain. Mike’s answer to that feeling was to watch The Simpsons. Familiar, funny, easy, it’s the perfect show to kick off your shoes and relax, isn’t it?

He doesn’t watch The Simpsons now but ‘something yellow’ has become shorthand in our house for needing to flick the off switch for a while, to decompress and recharge a bit. I think it’s possible to take your brain down a frequency* or two (*this isn’t science btw) with some carefully selected cultural choices. Possible and very necessary, and different from endless smartphone scrolling which serves an entirely different wallpapering process, I think.

So what is my yellow? Anything I can watch or do for a fairly long period of time without much effort. (Note: I also love complex, engaging films and documentaries when my brain is fully charged so please don’t think I’m suggesting a diet of baby food only)

Yellow telly: Gogglebox. First Dates. Gavin & Stacey.

If it’s a film I want? Clueless. The Importance of Being Earnest. Back to the Future. Beetlejuice. 

What about music? Fleetwood Mac. Neil Young. Paul Simon. Motown.

Anything else? Mike bought me a SNES Classic for Christmas and I can lose HOURS playing Super Mario – I love it.

January is anything but yellow – it’s cold, bleak and tiring. No one has any money, the short days are depressing, summer feels out of reach. Something yellow = self care, a way to preserve what brightness is left in our brains, like a pan of simmering Seville oranges (this weekend's activity: marmalade making).

How do you keep bright in the wintry darkness?

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