Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Are you a fellow fallophobe? This one's for you...

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It's not often I get to use my degree. Probably for the best, seeing as I went to uni a very long time ago. But my annual fallophobia* is back. And this year I'm putting my studies to good use and doing something about it.

*silly word I made up for the fear of autumn

In years gone by, I've written about my resistance to the end of summer (here and here) but I'm shouting at the sea, aren't I? Nothing I do or say will halt the passing of time and by digging my heels in I think I'm making things worse.

The other day while at that lovely spa, my friend and I sat out in the late summer sun, all golden and low in the sky, in armchairs next to a glowing log fire. Seemed a little incongruous at first but as the woodsmoke smell wafted throughout the garden, across the hot tub and through into the spa building itself, it mingled with the essential oils from the treatment room. This heady combination of wood smoke and spa sounds a lot like a fancy candle, doesn't it? But anyway, it added to what was a bit of a special moment. I enjoyed the fire so much (and the accompanying chat) that it inspired me to take a different approach to autumn this year.

Back to that degree mention - I have a BSc in Psychology and although much of my memory of that subject is patchy at best (it occasionally emerges at will during University Challenge), I remembered about exposure therapy. ET is a kind of reverse Pavlov approach whereby the thing you fear is exposed to you incrementally, with the objective being that you work your way up to the most fear-inducing thing possible. Being around the thing you hate actively reduces your hatred of it. Now this definitely didn't apply to several exceedingly annoying colleagues I've endured in the past but maybe it'll apply to autumn. Rather than eking out my sandal-wearing until October and running away from the impending season, I'm going to turn and face it head on. It's worth a try.

Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash

So, starting with the fire, we lit one on Sunday afternoon. And it was glorious. Got a wee bit too hot after a couple of hours, admittedly, but it was a fine intro to autumn and the house has been sweetly scented in the days since.

What next?


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I bought a bunch of hot pink pom poms that have cheered me up no end. The petals are streaked light and dark, like a stick of rock, and they cheerfully smile at me whenever I pass. Wondering how long the season dahlia lasts... anyone know?


Photo by Francis Duval on Unsplash

The huge jumpers and cardigans that cause everything to burst out of my chest of drawers can now make a reappearance. And maybe a few new ones? Time for a spot of window shopping I think. There's one lovely cream seventies-style sweater I've spotted in Anthropologie that's top of my list so far.

Warming meals

Photo by Lucy Heath on Unsplash

My favourite kind of food is the kind that comes in a bowl perched precariously on my knees and eaten with a spoon: porridge, curry, pie, crumble, stew - all quite autumnal. So that's a handy coincidence.

(And I've avoided making any reference to Bonfire Night, pumpkins etc - that's a step too far right now - but if pie arrives on my plate alight then so be it.)


Photo by Fabio Issao on Unsplash

Alongside my pink dahlias, I lit a few matching pink candles. The light they cast isn't exactly akin to high summer rays but it's at least interesting and warm. And I think it's time to invest in a SAD lamp so if anyone has a recommendation for this please let me know.


The Culpeper, London - photo by Lottie Storey

Although pub landlady is a possible future career option, there aren't many pubs in Bristol I actually like. The Bag O'Nails is my favourite - it has cats and vinyl and board games and a tiny living room feel. Perfect. I think I should spend more time both there and finding new haunts. Pictured above is the Culpeper in London - I took this as part of a review feature for this month's The Simple Things. It's on page 62 and was ACE. Wishing it was in Bristol though!


Photo by Lloyd Dirks on Unsplash

Seems sacrilegious to sit in a dark room on the warm and light evenings of summer but this time of year? I think it should be positively encouraged. There are a few films I'm looking forward to catching this month, but I'll save my recommendations for an upcoming September picks post. Ditto books.

What do you love about autumn? Anything to add to my list? Leave me a comment and help a sister out!

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