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11 ideas for summer holiday family fun in Bristol

Photo by Mikael Cho on Unsplash

That's it! School is over for another year and summer is finally here. Complete with horrible driving rain. Plus ça change. So what will we be doing over the next six weeks? Here are our summer holiday plans.

But first, this video makes me laugh loads.

#1 Giffords Circus

So onto our plans. Next week I'll be taking the boys to Giffords Circus as a birthday treat for A. This year, the show is called Any Port in a Storm and a little bird tells me it might just be the best year yet.

#2 Eurocamp

Taking five kids on holiday is a bit of a daunting prospect. But we're doing it and we're going to France, my adopted motherland, for extra fun points. Eurocamp is a pretty good option for massive families and we're travelling with Brittany Ferries, for extra adventure points. Overnight cabins! Do they still make those long strips of sweets you can buy on the ferry?

#3 Birthdays

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

My boys' birthdays are five days apart so we're hurtling into a week of cake, balloons, party bags and presents. After, I'll be doing some gift guides for older kids as I do find it increasingly difficult to find presents for them these days. Any tips for geeky seven and ten year-olds?

#4 Speedway

Tomorrow, Mike and I are going to the Speedway something or other final in Cardiff. I have no idea what all of this means (despite having been to the same event last year) - I think it's a lot of motorbikes without brakes and men in leather and fireworks and booze. I don't recognise myself either.

#5 Wedding planning

The Speedway thing obviously hasn't put me off that man as we're getting hitched next year. SO. EXCITING. We've not done a thing about it yet so I'm hoping this summer will see a little bit of planning...

#6 David Lloyd

Photo by Carlos Domínguez on Unsplash

The outdoor pool at David Lloyd is where you'll find us every time the sun shines this summer. The kids are doing amazingly well at their swimming so we're going to work on that. Well, they are. I'm going to work on my basking on a lounger.

#7 Seaside fun

Living in Bristol means there is coast nearby but do we ever take advantage of that? Rarely. This summer, I'd love us to explore more of the seaside options on our doorstep - this round up of 13 beaches within an hour's drive of Bristol is a good place to start.

#8 Valleyfest

Valleyfest is a friendly family festival in Chew Valley, Somerset. Their tagline is good food, great music, kids run wild, lush views and loads of glittering entertainment. Sold!

#9 SS Great Britain Victorian Circus

Earlier this year we spent an amazing day at the SS Great Britain and we're planning on another trip this summer to experience the Victorian Circus activities that will be happening every day. We'll be taking over their Instagram for the day so make sure you already follow me!

#10 Brutalist playground

The Edge in Bath has a mad Brutalist playground this summer which the kids would adore. I'm actually a fan of Brutalist architecture (there aren't many of us around) so there's something to interest parents, too. Doesn't it look amazing?

#11 Giant Bubble Morning

Next week, we're going to Boiling Wells in St Werburghs for a Giant Bubble Morning which looks frickin' awesome. Who doesn't love giant bubbles?


Phew! What are your summer plans? Are you looking forward to a holiday or just a rest from school?

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