Tuesday, 20 June 2017

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On this baking hot day it seems impossible that a couple of weeks back we were enjoying/enduring a rainy half term. British summers, eh? But we were. It got to that time in the afternoon when the boys were driving me and each other a bit potty. What to do? In an effort to keep the peace and fend of any potential hangriness (and boy, do my kids do a good line in hangry!), we headed into the kitchen in search of something to eat.

Dr Oetker pud in a mug review | Oyster & Pearl blog

Apparently, I'm a terrible mother because I rarely give the kids pudding and if they are lucky, it's a yogurt. More likely, I tell them to help themselves to something from the fruit bowl. Their little faces when I pulled out a couple of these Dr Oetker Pud in a Mug sachets – I went from worst. mum. ever. to something resembling Father Christmas.

Dr Oetker pud in a mug review

And the best bit? The instructions are easy enough for a six-year-old to follow.

Dr Oetker pud in a mug review

Both boys got to work making their own Sticky Toffee pudding and managed it all by themselves.

Dr Oetker pud in a mug review

It's a straightforward process – pour contents into a mug, add milk, mix well, cook in the microwave for 50 seconds and Bob's your uncle (ours is less powerful than 800W so took 10-20 seconds longer).

Dr Oetker pud in a mug review

The worst bit? The boys had to wait a little for their puddings to cool down and they are not good at being patient.

Dr Oetker pud in a mug review

But it was worth the wait and both wolfed down their sticky, sweet treats, even remembering to put their mugs and spoons in the dishwasher (after a little bit of drawing). Win!

Dr Oetker pud in a mug review

Are you a fan of mug cakes or desserts? Are you a nicer mum than me and give your kids pudding every day? Leave me a comment to let me know.

Dr Oetker himself sent us these puddings to review but all content is our own.
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