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Seven Easy Vegetarian Recipes | Healthy & Quick Meals for National Vegetarian Week

Vegetarian recipes to make meat-free healthy meals for all the family

It's National Vegetarian Week. Or, as it's also known, National So What Do You Eat Then? Week. Despite vegetarians making up 12% of the UK population, it's an area of fascination for the other 88%, many of whom are tofu-curious. I love vegetarian food and could talk for hours about various veggie triumphs I've enjoyed over the years. But a list of my favourite vegetarian recipes is probably more useful.

National Vegetarian Week – top 7 vegetarian recipes

1. Greek Salad

This is one of those classics that - done badly - can be truly, maddeningly sub-standard. Shop-bought Greek salads... well, prepare to be disappointed. And it's quite unnecessary as this is one of the easiest of speedy suppers to throw together with just a few fresh ingredients.

Get the recipe for my Greek Salad.

2. Almond butter

One very easy way to use almonds is to make them into nut butter. Really, it could not be easier - only one ingredient is required and the food processor does it all for you. Almonds are highly nutritious and this nut butter is delicious on toast or oatcakes, or as a dressing for roasted veg.

Get the recipe for my Almond butter.

3. Tarka Dal

Tarka Dal is perfect for a quick and cheap, mid-week supper. It's such a simple but tasty dish. I like a hefty hit of garlic, so have included it both in the dal and the tarka. Lentils need plenty of seasoning, so along with the garlic you do need to add quite a generous amount of salt and pepper.

Get the recipe for my Tarka Dal.

4. Moroccan Chickpea Stew

This is a fantastic recipe for a warming, chickpea stew that sets itself apart from most veg stews by virtue of an authentically multi-layered spice blend. You can leave out the hot spices and seasoning if you are going to feed this to babies and children, and add them afterwards in the form of salt and pepper at the table, a deeply seasoned couscous, and/or harissa.

Get the recipe for my Moroccan Chickpea Stew.

5. Rainbow Ragout with Hedgehog Spuds

One of those fresh, vibrant meals that feels like it's doing you good with every bite. Try it with a jacket potato, or go for gold with Hedgehog Spuds – kids love 'em.

Get the recipe for my Rainbow Ragout with Hedgehog Spuds.

6. Pad Thai

In this house, we are all about the noodles. Nine times out of ten when we go out to eat it's for noodles, and my very favourite is Pad Thai. I often convince myself we have to go out or get takeaway as it's just not possible to make a decent Pad Thai at home, but turns out that's not true.

Get the recipe for my Pad Thai.

7. Cauliflower Dhal & South Indian Cabbage

Can you tell I love curry yet? These two recipes became firm favourites of ours when we needed to use up all the brassicas in our vegetable box. They are all kinds of tasty.

Get the recipes for Cauliflower Dhal & South Indian Cabbage.

Tomorrow, I'll be enjoying everything VegfestUK has to offer here in Bristol. It's the biggest vegan festival in Europe with the most amazing food you will ever find under one roof (180 stalls to visit, plus talks and live music, too). Want to come too? Follow my Instagram stories for behind-the-scenes gossip and thrilling discoveries!

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