Friday, 26 May 2017

Family | A sunny day in the woods

Lyons Coffee Bags review

Last weekend, we took the kids up to our local woods for a tear about. There's something about five kids together that can get a little frenzied and our solution is always to get out of the house. And they love it.

Lyons Coffee Bags review
Lyons Coffee Bags review

Leigh Woods is a fantastic place to yomp. It's huge, filled with different trails to follow, many a den en route to explore, and the most beautiful greenwood barn to shelter in should the heavens open. Whenever we go, the kids access their imaginations in brilliant and thrilling ways, playing kings and queens or monsters or claiming that if we go deeper into the woods 'we'll never be seen again'.

Lyons Coffee Bags review

Their energy always, always outshines our own (of course!) and there's never a weary Sunday when we don't need a bit of a boost. As well as the classic picnic – sandwiches, crisps, fruit etc – we packed a flask of water, a jam jar of milk and a few Lyons Coffee Bags.

Lyons Coffee Bags review

We came across a clearing, conveniently strewn with felled trees that made perfect perches, where we stopped and refuelled with food in our bellies and a hot cuppa in our hands.

Lyons Coffee Bags reviewLyons Coffee Bags review

Lyons Coffee Bags are so easy to use – bag in cup, boiling water on top, brew for three or four minutes before removing the bag and then add milk. Just like a cup of tea.

And the verdict? Not only is it better than instant (it just is) but it's far preferable to a flask of stove-brewed coffee that's gone stale. While this isn't the same as ground coffee, it's the next best thing – a great way to enjoy good coffee on the move. Portable luxury. Even in the woods!

You can get hold of Lyons Coffee Bags in stores like Tesco, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Nisa and Waitrose and are priced at £2.59 for a box of 18 bags. 
Lyons has partnered with Project Waterfall and a proportion of the sales of each box of Lyons Coffee bought is donated to the charity.

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