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Vegan recipe box: Mindful Chef review

Mindful Chef recipe box review vegan

Food, cooking and eating are pretty much on my mind at all times, whether it's a new cafe or a flick through a recipe book or endless 'what shall we eat tonight?' conversations. A couple of weeks ago I had to go into hospital (hence recent radio silence) and, although I was very anxious about the operation itself, one of my main concerns was eating well during recovery. As the person who does 95% of the cooking in this house, you can see why this was on my mind...

When Mindful Chef suggested I review one of their recipe boxes, this problem was solved. Yes! I would be able to eat delicious, vegan meals, cooked from scratch by my boyfriend. He'd be happy and in safe hands, as every ingredient arrived ready to go alongside clear and easy recipe cards. What could go wrong?

Well, nothing. Our recipe box arrived while we were at hospital and was carefully hidden in the front garden (as per our instructions). Mike opened it up to find ingredients and recipes for two delicious sounding recipes – Squash, mushroom & butter bean lasagne and Moroccan spiced aubergine, chickpea & apricot tagine with cauliflower rice.

Mindful Chef offers eight new recipes to choose from every week - half of them vegan, all of them gluten and dairy free. So the lasagne sheets weren't pasta, instead made from thinly sliced butternut squash layered with garlic mushrooms, mashed butter beans and sun-dried tomato oil. The flavour combination was delicious and the dish tasted so light and fresh - just what I was craving.

Mindful Chef recipe box review vegan

The Moroccan tagine was our choice the next night. Chickpeas are one of my all-time favourite pulses, and combined with ras el hanout and garlic, this tagine was a warming, tasty dish with fresh coriander for zing and toasted almonds for added crunch. Cauliflower rice is a bit of a controversial one but I like it a lot, and it's an easy way to get another vegetable into your daily intake. I like my middle eastern dishes to be 100% flavour so I added some harissa to this one (to be honest, I'd probably add harissa to anything!).

The verdict? Both dishes were tasty, deceptively quick and easy to cook using fresh, pre-measured ingredients and recipes that were written in a straightforward way. Mindful Chef recipes boxes are one of the easiest ways to cook from scratch, whatever your circumstances. And I love that they always have half of the eight weekly choices as vegan - in fact, they're the only recipe box in the UK that caters to vegans.

Do you cook from scratch? Have you ever tried a recipe box? 

If you'd like to give Mindful Chef a go, then get 25% off your first box with code: HEALTHYBLOG.

Let me know how you get on!

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