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Interiors: Kitchen makeover with B&Q

b&q kitchen makeover budget how to cupboard paint renovation

Cast your mind back many months to when I first mentioned the idea of a black kitchen... Or if that's too tricky, here's the original post. Since then, slowly but surely, the B&Q kitchen makeover has come together and it's now time for the big reveal. Read on for details of how to completely renovate a dated kitchen on a budget by painting cupboard doors, floor and tiles.

Here's a reminder of how shockingly outdated the kitchen used to be.

b&q kitchen makeover budget how to cupboard paint renovation before and after 1

Yes, that's a beige tile with ear-of-corn motif. Yes, those are stained, horrible worktops. Yes, the floor is the colour of cat wee. And yes, the cupboard doors are an ugly shade of orangey wood.

What you can't see from the pictures is the strip lighting, the wobbly tap that can't be fixed, the electric hob that almost broke me, and the microwave and ovens that didn't work properly.

I think it's fair to say that there was nothing good about this kitchen.

But when you rent, it's a tricky balance to strike - find a way to make the kitchen experience less hideous without spending huge amounts of time and money we don't have. So rather than a total replacement of the kitchen, we've had to get creative with what's already there.

Enter B&Q. What the UK's top DIY store doesn't know about this stuff isn't worth knowing. They have products for every project, and with their help we've transformed that culinary monstrosity into this.

b&q kitchen makeover budget how to cupboard paint renovation floor paint

We're so pleased with how it's turned out. Gone are the clashing shades of brown, beige and buff. Now, the kitchen looks modern and clean, with a bit of a Scandi vibe.

So, how did we achieve it?

First, we removed the intrusive breakfast bar that no one ever used, freeing up space and allowing room for a run of shelves. The walls are plasterboard so we bought specialist rawl plugs for this job - essential when your collection of cook books and storage jars is both heavy and vast.

b&q kitchen makeover budget how to cupboard paint renovation shelving

Then we painted the wall tiles (replacing the few that came down with the breakfast bar). They stretched around all four walls of the kitchen so even the first coat of white made a huge difference to the light and size of the room. We used the B&Q V33 Renovation paint, which required mixing a fixer into the paint before using (so make sure you're ready to do the whole job - it doesn't last otherwise). The paint was easy to apply and went a long way, plus clean-up was straightforward. We used 2 litres for the seven square metre area in our kitchen.

Next, we moved onto the cupboard doors, painting the upper units white and the lower ones black. What's particularly appealing about the B&Q V33 paint is that it can be applied direct to thoroughly cleaned woodwork, so no need for extensive sanding. Win!

b&q kitchen makeover budget how to cupboard paint renovation floor paint.jpg

We removed the doors from the cupboards, took off the door handles and moved everything out into the garden, gave them a scrub and left to air dry. Then, we used mini rollers to paint the white doors and the cabinet surrounds (oh, and the hatch), each of which took two or three coats. Once these were done, we replaced the original handles and screwed the doors back onto the cabinets. All pretty straightforward.

Then, we painted the floor. We chose a pale grey, again in the B&Q V33 paint. After a thorough clean and dry using the V33 pre-painting liquid, the paint went on. Again, it was an easy job and this stage made such a huge difference to the feel of the room. The old tiles were textured and speckled, which meant that they tricked the eye into thinking the space was larger but also looked permanently dirty. The new grey floor feels clean and smooth.

b&q kitchen makeover budget how to cupboard paint renovation black sink tap

Onto the base units and doors. Painting these black felt a little adventurous, but after seeing all the inspiration over on Pinterest I was convinced this was the way to go. Our fridge is also black, so three walls of the room would have a glossy dark run to give a dramatic look to the room. This is where we ran out of steam. After a rocky start, the weather turned and we ended up paying a pro to finish painting the rest of the doors. They arrived back and went straight onto the units, albeit with new handles from IKEA.

b&q kitchen makeover budget how to cupboard paint renovation worktop

Finally, after months of dilly dallying, the worktops and appliances were installed in December. I was amazed to find the B&Q solid beech worktops at just £89 for a three metre run. Our project took three worktops which I think was a total bargain. Our builders fitted these first (I later sealed them with Danish oil), installing the new black sink and tap as well as the gas hob. This was a fingers crossed moment - under the worktop was a capped-off pipe that we hoped was gas. Without this, we'd have to go back to the drawing board and swap our new hob for a replacement electric one. I can't tell you how much I despise cooking on an electric hob! It's such a depressing experience and our poor pans still bear the brunt of many a burnt meal. Luckily, our hunch about the pipe turned out to be right and in went the gas hob.

b&q kitchen makeover budget how to cupboard paint renovation worktop and hob

And lastly, the replacement microwave and double oven were installed (at our landlord's expense - both these appliances were faulty).

b&q kitchen makeover budget how to cupboard paint renovation built in appliances

The result? The room is pretty much transformed. I love it. Before, I'd walk into the kitchen and my heart would sink. For someone who loves cooking so much, I ended up feeling depressed and despondent, looking for reasons not to spend time in there. Now? It's one of my favourite places to be. My love of domestic pottering has returned and I'm happy to be quietly stirring a risotto while listening to the radio.

b&q kitchen makeover budget how to cupboard paint renovation hob and ovens

We still have a few bits and bobs to complete - there's a blind to install over the window, a repaint of the wall above the hatch, and a few fixes here and there. But overall? Absolutely brilliant, worth the effort and a pretty good low-cost solution.

So what did we spend? Our total spend (excluding labour) was just under £1300.
Don't need to replace your appliances? Take that total down to under £500.
Not bad for a completely transformed kitchen, I don't think.


Worktops – £267

Beech worktops, B&Q (£89 each)

Paint – £153.75

Floor paint, V33 Renovation Moondust Satin (£42.63)
Tile paint, V33 Renovation White Satin (£37.24)
Upper cabinet paint, V33 Renovation White (£36.94)
Lower cabinet paint, V33 Renovation Midnight Black (£36.94)

Appliances – £826

B&Q Black Resin Kitchen Sink (£68)
B&Q Black monobloc tap (£78)
IKEA Dark Grey gas hob (£130)
IKEA Built-in microwave (£150)
IKEA Double oven (£400)

Other items/sources

IKEA Ekby wall shelves
Bread bin
Storage jars
Stand mixer
Moka coffee pot
Hand soap :)

Worktops, paint, sink, tap - all c/o B&Q
We worked with B&Q to create this post and are grateful for their support - thanks B&Q!
 And thanks to you for reading and supporting this post
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