Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Interiors: Houseplant heaven

My houseplant obsession is getting out of control. From where I type I can see one giant palm, a windowsill full of oxalis, geraniums and a spider plant, an orchid, a succulent, a big vase of flowers, a  shelf of succulents, and I haven't mentioned the Christmas greenery.

The rest of the house is no better. Now that the kitchen is almost finished, I'm planning to install a rail above the kitchen window to hang my macrame planters and kokedama balls (bought from this lovely shop last week), as well as a few air plants. To the right of the sink is a huge bowl planted with pale pink geraniums (inspired by the one below) that are arched up high, straining to see the light.

Plants feel even more essential at this time of year, introducing life and colour into the house when the light can be so elusive (and dull gloom when it does finally appear). I feel so unconnected to what's going on in the garden. On my wishlist is a back garden that comes into the house thanks to a set of aluminium bifolding doors like these ones from DWL. One day...

Until then, I'll have to stick with bringing the outside in with even more plants. On my list? A huge, tall cactus, a mother-in-law's tongue and a good old cheese plant.

If our bathroom had bigger windows, I'd be thinking about this kind of arrangement.

But how many is too many? These shelves??

What plants do you have in your home? I'd love to know.

Pics: Unsplash and Pinterest - take a look at my board for more houseplant inspo.

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