Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Interiors: Dining room makeover

Back in February, I did a mini makeover of the dining room, taking it from bare room to liveable space. But since then, we've done loads more to the space. Want to have a look?

Remember how it looked before? Yeah, I know!

So, this is the first room you see when you come into the house – to the left is the dining table, to the right a sofa area. We zoned the room in this way as you walk between the two to get to the kitchen (check out the retro hatch!) and stairs up to the rest of the house, and to provide a secondary seating area. When there are seven of you in the house, it's good to make space for everyone to have some time alone as well as come together.

The table was the only thing left in the house when we arrived and it does suit the space, despite being a bit of an ugly, angular beast. I topped it with a polka dot tablecloth but I'm now thinking of alternatives. Perhaps a cloth? Or even attempting this zinc covered table tutorial... What do you think?

Around the table are six chairs. Four are actual proper Eames ones, the other two are not! Plus, on the end is a cork-topped bench from IKEA that seats two at a push.

Behind the table is a row of Billy bookcases stacked with colourful classics and cookery books, and styled with plants, ceramics and other bits and bobs.

Above the table is a Kartell lampshade. I agonised for a long time over which colour to choose as they're all so dreamy, but in the end went for the blue. It really pulls the space together I think – I love it.

Over on the other side of the room, we built two IKEA Besta units that we hung on the wall as a pseudo sideboard type thing (in the US they call it a credenza; this hack would come under the title fauxdenza which I kinda love). The plan was to get a piece of wood cut to size to go on the top of the units but it's proved a bit tricky to find a chunky section of wood large enough to fit but at an affordable price. TBC.

My Habitat Hyde sofa faces the screen for kids to curl up on and watch those endless YouTube Stampy videos, with a couple of Habitat Edric cushions. Below is an enormous and very beautiful rug we were given by my parents. It's such a great element in the room, adding colour, texture and warmth.

Add a few plants, a Stendig calendar (I've ALWAYS wanted one and was so chuffed to get hold of it this year – at 3' x 4', there aren't many places it can be hung!), and a lamp or two, and we're there. Plus a pair of mischievous kittens, of course.

Still to come? Now that the cold weather's set in I'm ogling warm curtains to keep out the draughts, and have a hankering for an Ercol sofa (to replace the Hyde) so I'm scouring eBay and hoping for a lucky find.

Fingers crossed... And then it will all change again!


IKEA Billy bookcases

Eames chairs

White chairs

Sheepskin rugs

Cork topped bench

Kartell FL/Y ceiling lamp

Stevie Nicks pennant

IKEA Besta sideboard

Habitat Hyde sofa

Habitat Edric cushions

Stendig calendar

Floor lamp

Record player

Fairy lights

Tiny succulent

Green angled lamp

Woven basket plant stands

Fluffy kittens: Model's own

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