Thursday, 1 December 2016

Family: Meet the kittens PLUS Fantasy horses with Petplan Equine

Back in July, T (my youngest) drew a fantasy pet – bat, of course – and it was magically transformed into a brilliant cuddly toy thanks to Petplan (read that post here). It's easy to get into the habit of assuming the eldest is too old for such opportunities, but it turns out A wanted to have a go, too.

Since then, two of the sweetest kittens ever have come to live with us. Meet Martha (named after the punk pop band) and Decca (named after my favourite Kitford Mitford). Aren't they cute? Look how Martha has three little pink pads on her otherwise black paw!

Swooning aside, this means that pet insurance is now a reality for us. Something we found out the hard way when poor Martha became ill recently and the four weeks' insurance that came with our vet registration pack had elapsed. Ouch all round.

Anyway, here's the drawing A sent off:

And here's what came back:

He loves it. It's just such a fab idea, isn't it? Although I don't have details of the company that made these ones, a quick Google ('drawings cuddly toys') brings up a few options if you'd like to do the same with your kids' drawings. One for under the Christmas tree?

Thanks so much to Petplan for this brilliant campaign. We're off to sign up for 2x kitten insurance...

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Thanks to Petplan for including us in this brilliant campaign. 
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