Monday, 21 November 2016

Birthday Looks: Three matching outfits & party decor ideas!

In less than a fortnight, I turn 40. No one is more disbelieving of this than me. Having been in denial for, ooh, about four years, I have now done a u-turn and have decided I'd actually quite like to celebrate my milestone birthday after all.

So we're on a mad hunt for a party venue and I'm trawling Pinterest and my favourite websites and adding to playlists and hoping, hoping, hoping it'll all come together. Basically, I just want a massive knees up with friends, nothing more. I say that, but if 'more' includes a nice new frock then count me in...

The venue I'm hoping for is a blank canvas, open to all possibilities for decoration. But with so little time, I need quick and easy ideas. Fairy lights are a given, but what else? Then, it came to me. What if I matched the decor to my dress? I kind of love the concept.

Here are my three favourite party dresses and a moodboard of ideas – decorations, drinks, cakes and more – to match. Too matchy matchy? Nah.

First up. The sixties have always been my thing, ever since a short lived stint as a mod back in my teenage years. The liquid eyeliner has stood the test of time, though. Bit horrified that I must've been doing my eye make up like this for over twenty years...

Anyway, I'm in love with the Electra Ponte Dress, with its polka dot detailing and three quarter length sleeves. So this look follows the monochrome trend: black, white, and a pale pink (to match my make up rule – dark eyes, pale lips). Think coupes of fizz, a sea of pink balloons, and a sugary, understated cake.

Next, I've been kind of obsessing over this floral Robyn Dress ever since I laid eyes on it at the Christmas press show back in the summer. I love the grosgrain ribbon belt and the kimono-ish style. And how brazenly non-festive it is.

To match? Giant paper flowers in bright colours, a cake piled high with fresh blooms and petals floating in fizz.

Finally, this Sequin Party Dress. It was the the giant paper sequin tutorial that really kicked off this post – the simplest ideas are the best, and this make is fast and B I G, meaning we'll get Party HQ decorated beautifully and in double quick time.

Sequins are ten a-penny over on Pinterest so it's not hard to find ideas. I love the possibility of an edible sequinned cake, and chucking those little twinkly discs into balloons and drinks feels achievable.

So, which look would you go for?

All dresses – Boden (post contains affiliate links)
All party decor – Pinterest (see this board for specific links)

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