Saturday, 15 October 2016

Instagram: 3 new hashtags & accounts to follow

After my mini rant a few months back, I confess to really enjoying Instagram at the moment. Plenty of people have bemoaned the changes they've seen as a result of the new algorithms and timeline kicking in, but this has felt freeing to me.

Freedom = creativity, which has led to a few new accounts and hashtags. Hooray!

The Bright Home

First up, a new interiors account - The Bright Home.

Fritha of Tigerlilly Quinn and I are behind this one, designed to showcase beautifully bright and covetable homes (of which there is no shortage on IG). It's a lovely, sunny feed.

Join in by using the hashtag #thebrighthome - we're looking for homes with brightly coloured rooms, furniture, accessories and artwork.

Life is Weather. Life is Meals

Next, a very new account based on a quotation I read the other day by James Salter:

Life is weather. Life is meals. Lunches on a blue checkered cloth on which salt has spilled. The smell of tobacco. Brie, yellow apples, wood-handled knives. 

From Light Years by James Salter

I was floored. He's right, isn't he?

In food and what the weather is doing – two of my major preoccupations – life is lived and marked out. Seasons change, time passes, the most precious things perish but to Salter (and to me) everything is precious, everything celebrated.

So, Life is Weather. Life is Meals is an account alternating pictures of beautiful meals and mouthwatering food with breathtaking scenes of skies and landscapes. Pretty much what Instagram does best, huh?

Tag #weatherandmeals to join in with this one.

My Floral Ritual

And finally, one that has only just got off the ground... but no harm in sharing with you now.

My friend Lara is a fellow working-from-homer who mentioned to me that she buys flowers every Monday as a way to start the week off in the right way. Such a brilliant idea!

So here it is – #myfloralritual. Doesn't have to be flowers bought on a Monday though. Could be a little posy to give to a friend, a celebratory bouquet when things are winning or just a little cheer-me-up when things aren't so rosy. When do you buy fresh blooms and why? Share your floral rituals with us, we'd love to know.


What accounts and hashtags are doing it for you right now? Let me know in the comments cos, you know, following over 2000 accounts clearly isn't enough for me!

Oh, and while we're on the subject of creativity, I wrote a piece for Mollie Makes 72 about whether (or not!) you identify as creative. It's out now.

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