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Review: Siemens avantgarde iSensoric Freestanding Washing Machine | part one

A few months back, my boyfriend watched me getting hysterical over the laundry, declared me incompetent and took over the chore for the entire house. So it's only fair that he reviews our new Siemens avantgarde iSensoric Freestanding Washing Machine.  Over to Mike...

Moving in together throws up a lot of… stuff. ‘Stuff’ may not be the most eloquent of encapsulations for a blog as loquacious as Oyster & Pearl but given the sheer diversity of ‘stuff’ (see?) we’ve had on our collective plate, it’ll suffice. Two sets of bloody every fork ever, all-new school run timings, where do you hide all that endless recycling… It’s tedious, it’s necessary and it always ends in a conversation about who does what chore.

And I ended up with the laundry.

No biggie, right? ‘Bung it all in together’ pile on one side, ‘Don’t put that in, it’s from Boden/Folk/Expensive Website’ pile on the other. Sadly, one pile is a substantially larger than the other but if the whole thing just breaks down to quantity vs quality, then as chores go laundry is an easy grenade to fall on.

No. No, it’s not. For three reasons.

1. Two adults with a cardigan addiction and up to five kids, that already sizeable ‘bung it all in together’ pile is now considerably bigger. Beyond the question of actually whether you should bung it all in together (answer: not really - see ‘2’), there’s the question of just how many extra washes are required to get through it all - and the sky-high water and electricity bills that would ensue. It was pretty obvious we were gonna need a bigger boat, if you get my drift.

2. Second, that ’bung it all in together’ tactic doesn’t quite translate to our new regime. Previously, I’d sat firmly in the ’all in at 30 degrees’ camp, half for save the planet reasons, half for sheer convenience sake tbh. However as convenient as that was, it doesn’t quite translate into our challenging new world of school uniform (the permanent markers that are felt pen and school dinner ragu), sports kit (essentially, my rancid five-a-side shreddies) and the towels that walk downstairs from the kids bathroom. 30 degrees, a single time programme and a jellyshot of Ariel wasn’t going to be a one-size-fits all solution, even with a generous dusting of Vanish.

3. As much as I’d like to have our lovelier garms dry-cleaned by Snow White’s bluebirds, the new budget doesn’t stand up to such laundry luxuries. We need to be able to wash nice things. We don’t need to let our nice things lie in the hand-wash pile for a month or three. Our clothes need a more sensitive washing machine, and one that doesn’t indiscriminately shrink or bleach them in the process. I’m looking at your, now grey Merino doll’s cardigan.

• Wash a LOT more clothes but hopefully a LOT less often.
• Wash a wider variety of clothes without destroying the planet.
• Wash all of this and more without going bankrupt.

All of which would be pretty impossible given the washing machine left in our new house - a minuscule Hotpoint affair with a drum the size of a beach bucket and a mottled rubber seal that had trapped all manner of linty evil over the decades. A kind person would describe it as vintage. A less kind person would describe it as heading for the tip.

The solution? Well, we looked around and the answer is hopefully sat whirring in the utility room right now. It’s a Siemens avantgarde iSensoric Freestanding Washing Machine and it looks amazing. Setting everything up has been a doddle. I removed the transport clips holding the pipe, levelled the feet and jiggled it in (a bit of a pain but no more than any white good requiring jiggling) while Lottie did the plumbing (trans: screwed the water pipe and waste pipes back in, no need for a plumber here).

We’ve just done the recommended Drum Clean cycle and even at 1400rpm spin speed, things are sounding pretty quiet in there. Next stop is filling it - and it’s a beast. It has a 9kg load capacity (our old one was 6kg max) and a nice and wide 32cm diameter porthole into which I’m stuffing loads of school clothes inbetween paragraphs.

Next stop? Actually using it - and from the looks of that massive LED screen on the front of it (lots of flashing icons and perfect for Apple slaves like us), this looks like it’ll take some time to dissect. Time to read the manual and fire up the kettle. We’ll be back in a bit.

Anyone else get lumbered with the laundry? What do you need to do it (apart from someone else)?

Thanks Mike! Come back soon to find out how we get on with our. new Siemens avantgarde iSensoric Freestanding Washing Machine.

We were given a Siemens avantgarde iSensoric Freestanding Washing Machine for the purposes of this review. 
All words: Oyster & Pearl. 
Image: Unsplash

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