Friday, 22 April 2016

Cadigans 04 / Catching my eye on the internet this week (no knitwear!)

"It doesn't matter what we wear or what we look like, because we can do some seriously badass stuff."
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There really is something so badass about rollerskating girl gangs. Can I come back as one in my next life please?

Cadigans are placeholder words, those brilliantly esoteric, eccentric words such as knick-knack, whatjamacallit, thingumajig, doo-dah - words to describe things for which we have no words.

Catching my eye on the internet this week? Here goes...

Get ready for Lionheart 6! Brilliant Bristol publishing does it again with the time issue.

This perfume is sunshine and summer holiday breezes in the evening and just pure HEAVEN.

Fascinated by this woman and her life and her strength

These emojis! Moomijis <3

It's old but this piece of writing has really stuck with me

Hello beautiful dress... (am I too old for off-the-shoulder?)

This woman wouldn't think so

What's floating your boat at the mo?

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