Friday, 18 March 2016

Interiors: The black kitchen PLUS Joseph Joseph bread bin review

Image: My Scandinavian Home via Pinterest

In a few weeks' time, we'll be embarking on a major makeover of our really rather outdated kitchen. This house was built in the early eighties (cue Brookside theme song) and is a red brick box by the water. It still has shades of that decade, both in a selection of bold bathroom suites and in the form of a rustic country kitchen.

When I say rustic, I mean that in two senses:

1. The oak cupboards, beige worktops and mottled tiles (complete with ears of corn deco) have a strong look, one very popular a few decades back but less desirable now.

2. This kitchen is way past its best - doors are hanging off, tiles are cracked, grout is discoloured - meaning rustic is just a kind way of saying it's knackered.

Rather than ripping it out and starting again, we are teaming up with B&Q to give it the mother of all makeovers. Be gone beige and buff and all other browns! We're going monochrome.

Meanwhile, they say 'fake it till you make it' and so we're beginning to buy with black and white in mind. Enter the Joseph Joseph melamine bread bin in black (£50).

I've never really known what to do with loaves of bread in varying sizes/stages of consumption. It's just such an irregular material to work with. The Joseph Joseph one is a good, solid bread bin with plenty of room for all kinds of doughy delights. But the best thing? Its lid flips over to become a bread board. Genius! It's such a simple idea but one that makes for a really easy life. Two thumbs up.

We also tried a microwave rice cooker - the Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Rice Cooker which retails for £20. This is such an excellent product, not because cooking rice is really that complicated but because it just removes one stage of the game when putting together a meal (and therefore eases multi-tasking brain-ache). Which is always a winner in my book.

Of course, we'll be blogging every step of our kitchen makeover, beginning soon with the painting of those corny tiles. And we can't thank B&Q enough for collaborating with us. Check back in to see our progress.

No home improvement project could possibly be complete without a Pinterest board of delights - here's my black kitchen inspiration.

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Would you go black in the kitchen? Or do you think it's too much?

Thanks to B&Q for their generosity with this project, and to Joseph Joseph for sending us two products to review.
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