Friday, 1 April 2016

Homes: A typical bank holiday weekend

As well as the Easter egg hunts and the chocolate overdoses, last weekend's festivities included a big old slice of DIY. Classic bank holidays, innit?

Aside from our kitchen makeover project, we used the extra days' holiday to make a start on our garden. It really needed it.

Our outdoor space is not that exciting. Think a big bricky square and you're not far off! I suppose you could describe it as a walled garden - there are brick walls so it's technically correct. One has a rampant ivy tumbling over, with a climbing rose contained somewhere within. Half of the garden is a paved area, the other half pebbled. There are three small beds and a random spindly shrub growing in the centre of the pebbled area. All in all, it's a neglected garden.

So what did we do last weekend? We worked hard and went to bed each night with that lovely, achey muscle feeling. The beginning of the weekend was the taking away, and the second half that exciting putting-stuff-in bit.

The taking away: we hacked back a massive buddleia, pruned a Mexican orange blossom, dug out a couple of enormous rooty old trunks, and cut back the weird spindly shrub.

And the putting stuff in? So many lovely things: a jasmine to grow up alongside the patio (the last of the garden to get the sun and where we'll eat in summer), a Denny's Double clematis to wind through the jasmine, a climbing hydrangea for the shady wall, my all-time favourite David Austin rose - Abraham Darby, forget-me-nots, violets, perennial geraniums, fennel, anemones, poppies. Potted violas and far too many strawberry plants chosen by the kids.

For when the weather gets warmer, I have my eye on some Spanish daisies, baby's tears, and my all-time favourite, the sweet pea.

And there's still so much to do! This spring, we'll be checking out a few DIY advice guides, rolling up our sleeves, and Getting Things Done.

Have you got any gardening or DIY projects on the go?

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