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Travel: The best of beautiful Bath, UK | Top five shopping, eating and drinking tips

Shopping, eating, drinking tips for Bath, Somerset, UK
Roman Baths image: Harington's Hotel

The weekend before last, I was invited to an afternoon in beautiful Bath at Harington's Hotel and Apartments. Living so close to Bath means it's usually a day trip destination, so having a look behind-the-scenes at Harington's was a special treat. The beautiful townhouses are a brilliant rental option for big groups and the main living space in the City Loft is my favourite space - have a look.

Being in Bath reminded me - there are so many awesome places to eat and shop and I loved working there so much. So here are my top five tips for shopping, eating, drinking and generally hanging out in Bath:

Canary Gin Bar

Shopping, eating, drinking tips for Bath, Somerset, UK
Image: The Bath Gin Company

Such a great place to drink (and opposite Harington's!), the Canary Gin Bar specialises in gins - hundreds of them. Which makes it right up my street.

This is an intimate bar best experienced when the weather is cold and the skies are dark outside. Fantastic cocktails, too.

Spotty Herberts

Shopping, eating, drinking tips for Bath, Somerset, UK

'A shop for children', Spotty Herberts won a CWB magazine award for best new store last year and it's easy to see why.

With a colourful mix of kitschy toys and bright clothing, this little store is a gem. And also on the same street as the gin bar and the hotel.

Cross Bath

Shopping, eating, drinking tips for Bath, Somerset, UK
Image: Thermae Bath Spa
One of Bath's main tourist attractions is Thermae Bath Spa, where you can swim in the rooftop or basement pools, get steamed and enjoy spa treatments galore.

But less known is its little sister, the Cross Bath. Just over the way from the main site, this petite and private pool takes a maximum of twelve bathers and you can't book, but it's worth turning up and trying your luck as at quieter times you might even get it to yourself.

Holburne Museum

Shopping, eating, drinking tips for Bath, Somerset, UK
Image: The Spectator

Beautiful art in a glorious setting, the Holburne is a Grade I listed building recently extended with this bold glass extension pictured above.

The exhibitions on show are broad ranging and appealing to many, while the original galleries are worth visiting whatever the content thanks to their grand plasterwork, lovely wooden floors and high ceilings.

Green Rocket Cafe

Shopping, eating, drinking tips for Bath, Somerset, UK
Image: The Green Rocket Cafe
At the intersection of healthy and delicious lies the friendly Green Rocket Cafe.

Plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes dance on this menu, none of which forgo taste in the pursuit of purity. Well worth a visit either to quickly fuel a shopping trip or to linger over your meal, bright in both appearance and flavour.

Do you know and love Bath? What are your favourite haunts? If not, is it somewhere you'd like to visit?

Disclaimer: Harington's invited me to spend the afternoon at their hotel. 
All words are my own. 
All images sourced online and credited.

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