Sunday, 13 December 2015

Personalised gift ideas from Snapfish

personalised photo gifts snapfish

Last week was spent getting things in order - one of my favourite pastimes - and one task was to clear all the pictures from my camera. Ah... I found that lovely one above of me and my youngest in my cousins' pool in France. Had no idea my dad had snapped us!

It's not the greatest pic but it reminds me of my favourite day of our summer holiday, and so, as Snapfish invited us to try out some of their gift ideas, I decided to get it printed up as a canvas.

Along with the canvas (which I'd thought about giving to a grandparent but can't bear to part with it), we made a couple of the Snapfish porcelain tree ornaments. It's such a simple idea - upload your pictures, crop them using the easy online tools, and press go. Then wait for the postman to deliver them through the door a few days later.

Rather than use photographs, I decided to take pictures of the kids' Christmas cards. Their school gets each child to design a Christmas card that is then sent home with an order form. You decide how many of each you'd like and they magically appear in book bags when you least expect it, ready to send. It seems such a shame to ditch the kids' hard work year after year, which is why I thought we could keep them preserved like this for just a little longer.

In classic Christmas post style, my decs arrived this morning while we were out, and I have to go and get them from the sorting office next week. But if you want to order your own photo gifts to arrive in time for Christmas, Monday 14 December is the last order date (hence this post going up now!).

Also available in the range - cushions, phone cases and mugs!

What would you choose?
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