Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Maternity memories


Have you ever seen a bump so big? Me neither. Sometimes I can't believe I carried that huge baby around for fifteen days past his due date. 

As well as a grapefruit sized fibroid taking up space alongside my 9lb 8oz baby, I had something called polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) which meant T's head would engage but then just bob back out again. Hence his very late arrival. 

But I knew none of this when I was incubating that boy. I had a lot of comments from people about my size, both strangers in the street and people I knew. It wasn't easy to hear their words. I'm sure no one intended to upset me but it often happened. There was the time my boss sent someone down to see my bump as it was so big. Or the time the photocopier engineer asked how I managed to get through the door. Or the many times a relative said 'are you sure it's not twins?'. 

Here's another pic of the megabump.

I felt like a zeppelin! Now, I can kind of see why it was such a spectacle, and I sometimes bring out these pictures to show just how enormous I was. But that's my prerogative.

There were times when people expressed their joy and happiness. I remember clearly the woman in the cafe in Cardiff who said she hoped she'd look as glowing if she ever got pregnant. And I loved to feel my boy kicking and hiccuping inside. The maternity clothes I wore - mainly dresses and cardigans - flowed over my middle and their bright colours and patterns cheered me up. 

If you asked me for one piece of advice as a pregnant woman it would be to wear what you like, but to get as comfortable as possible. The last weeks and months aren't easy. And for the bystanders? Keep schtum about appearances. No pregnant woman wants to hear that you think she's enormous!

What did you wear during your pregnancies? And what would your advice be?

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