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Christmas ritual: Christmas Day breakfast ideas

christmas day breakfast recipe ideas
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The culinary Christmas countdown has begun and breakfast on Christmas Day has me stumped. There's clearly no hope of breakfast in bed and while I love the idea of sitting down to eat at a beautiful table like the one above, one has to be realistic while the kids are this age. I'm not one for smoked salmon and all that jazz, preferring to come to slowly with a cuppa while picking at something sweetly fortifying and watching the kids turn the living room into a wrapping paper snowglobe.

Here, I've drawn up a shortlist of my favourite Christmas Day breakfast ideas, based on the successes of previous years and ranging in effort from not much to full on Martha Stewart.

Cinnamon Buns

christmas day breakfast recipe ideasNow, I made these a few years back but can't for the life of me remember whose recipe I used. What I do remember is the hours of graft that went into these heavenly yeasted buns, fragrant with cardamom and cinnamon, and buttery as hell. Likely candidates include Heidi Swanson (whose recipes are always 100% taste as well as being reliable) and possibly Tessa Kiros, whose Finnish Cinnamon and Cardamom Buns sound incredible (although I think I'd remember the particular way in which she suggests cutting your dough). Either way, if you're after a truly indulgent breakfast, made with equal parts love and elbow grease, then these babies are for you.

Christmas Morning Muffins

christmas day breakfast recipe ideasNigella - Queen Christmas - wrote this Christmas Day Muffins recipe in one of her early books (How To Be A Domestic Goddess, I think) and I've made it many times. You measure out the dry ingredients the night before, even popping the muffin cases into the tray if you can't help being efficient, and then just add the fresh dairy/juice ingredients in the morning. Easy peasy.

Toasted Panettone 

christmas day breakfast recipe ideasHardly a recipe, you just slice the panettone in proportion to your toaster, butter up, top with a good marmalade (this or this, perhaps), and away you go. This works equally well on Boxing Day, should you be on the receiving end of one of those ribbon-topped dome boxes containing said Italian bread on Christmas Day.

What do you eat on Christmas Day? Which of these would you choose?

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