Thursday, 31 December 2015

A very messy Christmas and a hopeful New Year

This post has been percolating for a week or so. 2015 has been, if I'm honest, the hardest of my life so far. There have been very sad and very dark times, not just for me but for many people I know (and those I don't, obviously) to the point that the father of a friend of mine has written a list because he can't quite believe how bad a year it's been.

I could also make a bad list of my own but I'm choosing not to. Instead, there have been things that have kept me going - some big but mainly small - and these are the things of note that I'd like to record here:

There are some very kind, very wise people in my life who have kept me going and I will always be thankful for their support this year. 
You know who you are.

The kids. Always. Christmas this year was the first where they split their time between two homes and they took it in their stride. 
They continue to impress and inspire me, every day.

Being able to do what I love and to provide for my family is one thing. 
Working alongside some incredibly talented and creative people is another. 

Home: a space to call my own. 
This little house has had such a recuperating effect, allowing me to gradually find my feet again and to adjust to life, now, as it is in the present.

The joy of travelling to new places. 
Adventures here and further afield have enriched and uplifted.


Here's a thing. Two schools of thought offering what I think are somewhat contradictory view points:

1. The Maya Angelou quote: 'When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.'

2. The Ian Maclaren quote: 'Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle'.
Add to that the concept of wiping the slate clean, doing better every day. Trying harder, basically.

I guess it's about redemption. At what point does your past stop defining who you are now, in the present, but also in your future?

We all have a choice to make each and every day in how we behave and how we treat ourselves and others.

And so that's my resolution for 2016. Beginning the year hopeful that things will get better and accepting the part I have to play in that. The School of Life video below is an excellent place to start.

Here's to a hopeful new year x

PS The pic above was taken in Paris earlier this month. Il est battu par les flots, mais ne sombre pas is the motto of Paris: She is tossed by the waves but does not sink.
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