Friday, 27 November 2015

Wishlist: For her (me)

Not going to pretend there's much of the need or the read on this list. Instead, it's unashamedly WANT! with a few wears thrown in for good measure, both for Christmas but also for my birthday next week. It's been a hard year and a girl could use a few treats. I'm not going to apologise.

1. Print / 2. Jersey yarn / 3. Cable wristwarmers / 4. Necklace / 5. Tinted moisturiser / 6. Bobble hat / 7. Coat / 8. Boots / 9. Jumper / 10. Cushions / 11. Casserole dish / 12. Clutch bag

Any of that lot tickle your fancy? Or have you a hankering for something else?

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