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School uniform review: M&S

School uniform from Marks & Spencer 2015
School uniform from Marks & Spencer 2015

School uniform from Marks & Spencer 2015School uniform from Marks & Spencer 2015

School uniform from Marks & Spencer 2015

Look at these two Just William extras. You'd think the suggestion of putting on school uniform on one of the warmest days of the summer holidays so far wouldn't go down well but they were surprisingly up for it. I guess it's a little like dressing up. Anyway, I love these pictures as they illustrate the differences in personality of my two children.

Last week, M&S sent us a bundle of school uniform to review. Handy, seeing as we're always running out of this or that, one or both of the kids having to go to school in a hastily wet-wiped jumper, the ghosts of last night's tea haunting sleeves and collars.

Straight away, the quality of this clothing is clear to see and feel. I'm hoping that the features of M&S uniform will make our mornings a little easier. Here are some of the innovations that should speed up our school run:
Expandicuff – elasticated cuffs that mean that you don’t have to deal with fiddly buttons.
Adjust-A-Hem – hems with an extra 3 inches of material that can be let down as your child grows. Just iron in place, not needle and thread needed!
Stainaway – shirts with a clever finish that means that means that stains wash away more easily
Permanent Pleats – pleats that stay, even after washing – no need to iron them in!
Non-Iron – just wash and tumble dry for crease free shirts!

An aside: the thing that signifies back to school to me more than anything is a stationery haul. As it happens we popped into M&S last week and I spotted their Paper Library range, which is all completely lovely, as is the Boutique range. Particular high points include this pencil case,  these ombre notebooks, this toadstool jotter, and a few things not featured online including very cute pens and a set of three erasers shaped like garlic bulbs complete with little net bag. Love!

M&S supplied us with uniform for the new school year.
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