Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Making espadrilles: a workshop with The Makery

* I'm so behind on posts! Summer holidays and work and all kinds of busy things have kept me from this blog (not to mention some rather irritating technical issues) so please have patience with my tardiness - I WILL try harder! *

Back in June, the day after Blogtacular, The Makery invited me to a workshop at their John Lewis Oxford Street outpost. The day was an opportunity for a few of us bloggers to make a pair of espadrilles.

Esps are (along with those black flipflops with the rainbow straps) THE holiday footwear of my childhood. Each summer, my dad would take us to whatever local shop was nearest to our holiday destination and we'd rootle about in big baskets of espadrilles - kept in pairs with elastic bands and smelling, sometimes, of mothballs - for our size. Committing to a colour took time, but eventually we'd hand over our francs/pesos/drachma and trot off in our new pair. They'd begin as starchy, straight shoes, moulding over the course of the holiday to fit the unique contours of our growing feet until they felt just like slippers. But woe betide us if we fell foul of a freak rainstorm, or didn't watch our step and landed in a puddle by the pool. These babies and water are sworn enemies. Disintegration looms...

With such fond memories of the espadrille, making my own pair was an irresistible idea. Kate from The Makery sent us off to the fabric department to select our materials. It was an even more difficult decision than the village shop basket, but I went for a chevron in the end.

Then, we cut, ironed, and sewed the pieces that would become the upper section of our shoes. Once pinned into place, all that remained was to stitch upper to sole in a most therapeutic fashion (I can utterly recommend it as soothing hangover cure).

Have a look at this video to see just how easy and supremely pleasing this project can be.

Thanks so much to The Makery for inviting me along.

To make your own pair of espadrilles, head here to buy a pair of soles or join one of the workshops.

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