Friday, 1 May 2015

Interiors: An easy IKEA chest of drawers hack

The kiddos and I have recently moved into a new house, and so we've started from scratch somewhat in turning it into a home.

Pennies are tight so it's flat pack and second hand all the way. The Rask chest of drawers from IKEA is just £20 and the drawers are perfectly kid-size, so the boys have one each. But functional though they are, the plain pine finish is a little dull for our tastes.

We sought solace in Pinterest (as so often in life), and were inspired to part-paint the outside frame of the chest of drawers, and to finish with a selection of colourful mismatched knobs from Abodent. Aren't they darling? T has Batman yellow (painted with roller and Vospur paint), with elephant, hippo and pine cone handles, as well as one the kids have named 'the black diamond'. A's version is green (spray-painted, this time, again Vospur), with squirrel, rabbit, and watermelon-coloured handles.

Things are getting more homely now, although we still have a toy box to build. Wine crate + casters + ? what? A giant box of classic Lego arrived from House of Fraser in every shade of plastic brick under the sun. Its arrival was every child's idea of heaven, and it feels right to give it a suitably colourful home. So, should we go with geometric triangles? Spray-painted primary colours? Or something a bit more adventurous? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Thanks to Abodent for supplying the handles and to House of Fraser for the Lego.
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