Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Interiors: Decorating for Easter

Not long now until a weekend wall-to-wall with chocolate, bunnies and fun. As well as being utterly obsessed with bats and ‘scary things’, T has something of a thing for the Easter Bunny. He even has a horribly synthetic white and pink bunny costume; it was his very favourite Christmas present. Weird.

I love the idea of making a fuss at Easter. We are not religious, instead opting to focus on the pagan celebration of spring and its bounty. With this in mind, we’ll be decorating with blossom-heavy branches stuffed into giant vases, getting fresh air into our lungs with a romp in the countryside, and baking up a sweet-smelling fug in the kitchen with our annual hot cross bun bake off - here’s the recipe we use each year.

HomeSense has plenty of lovely bits and pieces to make your Easter table pretty as a picture. I’m particularly enamoured with their idea of using empty shells as little translucent tea light decorations (pictured above). Break the top off an egg, gently clean and place a tea light inside, then just balance on a small glass. I’ll be giving it a go with those charming blue-shelled eggs you get from the posh supermarkets.

And I can’t think of anything sweeter than these eggshells planted up with white muscari in bloom.

What about these polka dot eggs?

Decorate white eggs with a sharpie for monochrome chic.

Wooden eggs with paint and tape are an easy, modern make.

These bouffant lady eggs are faintly ridiculous (perhaps why I like them).

What are your Easter plans?

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This is the second of three Easter-themed posts. The first is here and the third is coming soon.

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