Thursday, 12 February 2015

Room with a view

I love blogger events. There are always so many pictures of people taking pictures to take. So many shoes to photograph. But mainly a lot of chat and a hella good time.

Last week, I was invited to an event by Rooms Made for You at the Shangri-La Hotel up on the 35th floor of the Shard. Well, there’s an offer. Hanging out drinking coffee with Katy, Lori, Heather and Fritha was a good way to start the day, before we all piled into the lift - it had two buttons: G or 35. Very Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. When the lift had made its speedy ascent, the doors glided apart and we were hit with a beautiful, breathtaking view across London.

Rooms Made for You is a range by British Gypsum. It’s a trio of products that are innovative ways to make your home more versatile, quieter and easier to decorate. First, there’s the Magnetic Plaster. Although I’ve never used it myself, I’ve heard that magnetic paint can be a bit useless. This stuff is different. Instead of a normal skim coat of plaster, use this version and the entire wall is magnetic. Think of the possibilities! I love the idea of doing the kids’ bedroom walls in this stuff as they’re forever hanging swimming certificates or ‘star of the week’ on the walls with tape.

Another product that would go down a storm with parents of exuberant kiddos (is there any other kind?) is Silent Floor - this insulates your ceilings from noise to prevent music, telly or any other blaring sounds from disturbing those upstairs. Could do with that in the kids’ bedrooms, too. Tick.

Finally, we learnt about the Lifestyle Wall - a new plasterboard that looks identical to bog standard plasterboard but is infinitely stronger. Hang 15kg objects using just one screw (which, incidentally, can be screwed into the wall using just a screwdriver - no drills or rawl plugs are necessary).

Such great products and such a fab event. We made our own magnets to take home, as well as trying to out-do each other by screwing as many screws into a piece of lifestyle wall as we could in one minute. I *may* have got a bit competitive at this point and drew a small amount of blood. That’s commitment for you.

I came away scheming and planning for our impending loft conversion… Rooms for my boys would be taken to the next level with these exciting products from Rooms Made for You.

My fellow bloggers were: Geraldine, Lucy, Tiffany, KatyFritha, Heather, Sarah-Louise, Lori, Chris and Kat.

Thanks to @Rooms Made for You for inviting me along.

Here are some beautiful, rather Pin-worthy pics of the products in action, styled by Becky Clarke.

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