Tuesday, 13 January 2015

An audio time capsule

Two weeks into 2015 and I'm still writing the wrong date in my notebook.

Last year wasn't the easiest. But there were good things - there are always good things.

2014 was the year my book was published, the year my youngest started school and blossomed, immeasurably.

Last year I got some good work and grew my business - my work appeared in Mollie Makes, The Simple Things, Lionheart, Bristol 247, Coates & Scarry, and several bookazines.

There were holidays, there was reading, there were tattoos!

Days with blogging friends old and new, blog conferences and festivals.

But most of all there was music. I've started to make playlists of my favourite songs each month, and it felt like a good thing to combine some of the best into a playlist of the year. So here are my songs of 2014 - not necessarily recorded or released last year, but listened to and loved over the past twelve months.

Tell me, what are your songs of last year?

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