Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Bloggers Foot: A reflexology review and giveaway

Pity the poor feet of the blogger. Always being photographed in different shoes, different locations. Instagrammed to within an inch of their little toes. Being centre stage can take its toll on the condition of the blogger’s feet, making it extra important to keep heels buffed and toes polished at all times - you never know when those Saltwater sandals will need to make an appearance.

But how do you keep feet happy and healthy? I’ve tried reflexology once before, when pregnant and feeling particularly sorry for myself. It was a relaxing experience, but any kind of sitting down at that stage in the game - even a trip to the dentist - felt like the biggest treat imaginable. Last month I was offered a reflexology treatment from Bristol-based reflexologist, Victoria Davidson of Green Orchid Therapies, and there was no way I was going to say no.

Slotted between my yoga class and my shrink on what I named Chakra Tuesday, the session was a hugely calming hour in what had been a frenzied week. I arrived at The Practice Rooms in Clifton Village, where Victoria introduced herself and made me feel at home in the large, peaceful room. Candles were burning, music played quietly in the background, and the air was perfumed with essential oils.

After a chat about my general health, I hopped up onto the bed where Victoria offered me a warm lavender wrap for my neck. Victoria then cleansed my weary feet with tea tree oil, and began the treatment. Using a reflexology wax made from vitamin E, beeswax and olive oil, Victoria’s technique involves a rhythmic sweeping motion across the foot and toes, resulting in serious relaxation. I tried so hard to keep awake but, deeply calm, I nodded off for a minute or two.

The pressure on the feet was just right - I like a firm massage at the best of times - and there were a couple of moments when I realised these feet of mine had not had any attention whatsoever in years, indicated by the twinges I felt as they came back to life under Victoria’s soothing strokes. The session passed quickly (always the sign of a blooming good treatment) and I was sorry to reach the end.

If you’d like a similar treatment from Victoria, you’re in luck - I am giving away two Green Orchid Therapies reflexology treatments. Just complete your details below to be in with a chance of winning. Winners must be able to travel to Bristol for their treatment, or can give as a gift certificate - the perfect Christmas present.

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OFFER: If you'd like to book a reflexology treatment with Victoria of Green Orchid Therapies, just mention Oyster & Pearl for £5 off your treatment.

Thanks to Victoria for my free treatment. All words, thoughts and images are my own.
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