Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Lady pirate boots

Oh, there are some horrible shoes out there! I've been trawling for a new pair of boots and have come across some remarkably nasty ones. Why is it that when you're actively looking for a specific pair you can't find them?

The boots of my dreams are ankle boots.

They are devoid of buckles and zips and laces, and yet they have character; they have lived a little.

The leather is good, soft leather.

They have a hint of the cowboy or the biker about them without being a caricature or a costume.

They pull straight on, the toe is not too pointed, and the heel is low.

I think they could be described as lady pirate boots.

Have you seen my boots? Please tell me where they are. I miss them.

These ones I've pinned come close but aren't quite right. The search continues...
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