Saturday, 21 June 2014


A: 'I've got a good idea! HOT DOGS!' (Merci, Muppets)
T: Growing, growing, growing, into the light

It's been weeks since I last posted a set of 52 portraits. Not really sure why; perhaps a bit of the not sharing thing I was going on about the other day, or maybe just a reluctance to post portraits that aren't beautiful, just to make the set (we've got enough of that with the Panini World Cup stickers at the moment). Anyway, these pics made me happy, and so here they are.

We've already made good use of the longest day of the year; this morning's activities include plenty of toast and honey (and a quadruple espresso), making a cuddly toy hospital, adding to my midsummer Spotify playlist, and swaying in the hammock with the new issue of Lionheart (more about this another day).

And tomorrow? A lie in, followed by a barbecue in the park with friends - ones who make me laugh 'til it hurts.

Enjoy this precious solstice weekend.


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Looking out, looking in

There are times when it feels right to write and there are times when it does not.

A couple of weeks back, we spent seven days in France. Likely to be our one holiday of the year, we did all the holiday-ish things you'd expect: sun, barbecue, sea, ice cream, pool, repeat.

Ordinarily, I would have been snapping away, taking photograph after photograph both for the family album and for here. A few days into the holiday, I realised I just wasn't taking pictures in the way I normally do. And that realisation didn't prompt me to try harder.

Instead, the few pics I took were of views: from the beach; from a house we visited; the most incredible view; and the blue, blue sky. Looking out.

The looking in? Well, we did family stuff. Made memories that no one else knows about. Memories just for us.

Not everything needs to be shared.

(But if you really, REALLY want to see where we went and what we did, it's more or less the same thing we did last year, and the year before, and the places we went then. We're a bit dull like that.)


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Bristol 07 / Beetlegeuse

As kids, my brother and I were OBSESSED with Beetlejuice. Actually, I think I might be obsessed with it still.

And so are the Food and Theatre Company, who are putting on a one night only evening of innovative performance, fine dining, and foodie fun. Journey from the Maitland’s house, to the Corridor of Lost souls, to the Waiting room of the Afterlife; with live music and adventurous food, this is going to be a truly interactive experience. Cannot wait.

Beetlegeuse takes place on 14 June 2014, 6.45-11pm, at a secret location in central Bristol.

Full price tickets cost £30 (group discounts available for 6 or more), available from the Food and Theatre Company website.

Just don't say it three times!


Monday, 9 June 2014

A new outlook

I am obsessed with Scandi dramas like The Killing, Borgen and The Bridge, not just for the brilliant plots, the writing, and the acting, but also for the glimpse into the super stylish world of Danish and Swedish design.

For a while now, I've wanted to recreate the beautiful glass shelves that sat across the Birk Larsen's kitchen windows, thinking they'd be the perfect place for beautiful crockery, glassware, and a few herbs and houseplants. And here they are: two glass shelves spanning two of the four windows in the kitchen. I love them for their practicality, clean look, and for a bit of added privacy they offer.

Got a new little nook of your own? You have one day left to blog about it for the Mollie Makes summer homestyle competition - read all about it here! The winner's photograph will appear in Mollie Makes 43.



Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bristol's hidden gems

Bristol is full of hidden gems. Regular readers will know that I have a series of posts dedicated to showcasing my favourite haunts, but here’s a round-up of my current faves:

The food here is utter perfection, and it turns me into the greediest girl going. I would eat and eat and never stop, given the chance, so it’s lucky this place is so packed you have to call weeks ahead to get a table. Proper Spanish tapas, wall-to-wall cava, and a buzzy bar make Bravas my number one place to eat in Bristol.

Royal Fort Gardens
As a child, I played in these gardens, owned by the University of Bristol, in all seasons. I have strong memories of sledging down the slope, narrowly avoiding the iced-over pond at the bottom, and there are albums full of photographs of my brother and I playing in the brick-lined sculpture park tucked away around the back. With beautiful Baroque, Palladian and Rococco buildings rising up at the top of the hill, it’s a truly charming refuge at the heart of the city.

The Old Bookshop
Cocktails in a cosy, converted bookshop? These are not words to say lightly to a boozy, bookish type. The Old Bookshop offers guaranteed good times: a short but exciting food menu, ace tunes, great drinks, and a jolly vibe makes for one helluva night.

You can tell everything about a deli by its range of olives and cakes, I reckon, and Papadeli scores tops on both. The staff are amazingly knowledgeable and friendly, the shop and cafes (there are two) are fresh and bright, and the food – the food! – is proper picnic perfection.

Something Else
For anyone who’s ever dreamed of owning a shop, Something Else is equal parts heaven and hell. Heaven, as it’s everything you’d want a shop to be, and hell, because you didn’t get there first. Packed with independent magazines, artworks, interesting stationery, and cool bits and bobs, Something Else is run by supercool couple, Sidonie and Kyle, who also run their graphic design business (Something Good) from the other side of the counter.

This place is so new I haven’t yet visited! But it’s on my list, as it’s the newest neighbourhood restaurant on my patch. Pared back décor caught my attention each time I walked past during its development, and a simple menu in the window has whetted my appetite enough to book a table in the next couple of weeks. I will report back!

Stylist and Links of London asked me to share my hidden gems of Bristol as part of their Hidden Gems campaign - add your own hidden gem for your chance to win £1000 of Links of London jewellery. The rules are simple:
1. Take a photo or write about your favourite place to go in your city
2. Upload it to Twitter @Links_of_London or Instagram @linksoflondon
3. Hashtag your post #linkshiddengems

Written in association with Links of London;
as usual, all words are my own.

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