Saturday, 31 May 2014

Blogtacular 2014

All images above courtesy of Mollie Makes

Now that I'm back from my days in the book promotion wilderness, I've got a lot of catching up to do. So much has happened these past few weeks, not least of which was Blogtacular.

Oh em gee, it truly was BLOGTACULAR!

A highlight for me was Kat Molesworth (one of the two Kat-monikered powerhouses behind Blogtacular) in her closing speech, swallowing back the tears as she told the audience of a dream she had - an actual asleep dream - back in May 2013 about an awesome blog conference called Blogtacular. When she woke, she was furious for days that it wasn't real. So, she called t'other Kat, suggested they make it real, and Kat agreed. How amazing are those two women? I find myself constantly impressed and taken aback by their chutzpah, dedication, and hard work. They are an inspiration.

To the weekend itself - well, what blogger wouldn't want to be in a room with 200 other bloggers, all of whom know the truly rewarding and life changing power of self-publishing? It felt like a life-changing moment; that energy was palpable. A highlight was Anne Ditmeyer of Pret-a-Voyager confirming something I knew all along when she said 'bloggers are awesome. If they don’t know how to do something they’ll learn it.' THAT x a million.

The other highlight was hanging out with my Mollie Makes ladies. We shared a dorm room and it felt just like a school trip; we had the best fun. Here we are hanging out with Joy Cho of Oh Joy!

(Thanks to Mollie Makes for the image)

Oh, and how could I forget Xanthe Berkeley's photo walk? Who knew that all it would take was bloggers, balloons, and Mayfair to completely change the way I take photographs forever? The colours were something else.

Yep. Blogtacular, alright.

Have a look at the highlights video below for a taste of what happened, and sign up for a virtual conference ticket here where you can view all but three of the workshops and speakers.

Blogtacular 2014 from Kat Molesworth on Vimeo.
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