Monday, 10 February 2014

Wild in the country

What better way to spend a sunny Sunday than to romp free in the woods, kick a football about, and splash in a stream?

A few weeks back, I went to see Project Wild Thing at Yeo Valley. A fascinating film on so many levels, one of the elements I found interesting was the study into the impact exposure to nature has on kids when they grow into adults; supposedly, these children grow up to love nature and actively seek out time in the great outdoors. As kids, my parents would take us on a walk most weekends. We HATED it. I remember stubbornly kicking my boots along, grumpily ignoring the rest of my family, desperate to reach the pub and a bottle of Coke and packet of crisps. So I'm not sure the theory really holds true in my case: huge amounts of nature as a child has not made me a voracious outdoors-lover. I'd say I'm rather reluctant, embarrassingly fair-weather, and it requires huge amounts of cajoling to get me in the open air.

Despite my case-study-of-one, I do try to get outdoors with the kids. Our recent visit to Dyrham Park was lots of fun: hide-and-seek in the Orangery, pond weed throwing, and messing about on a tractor. Above is an overly-sentimental take on the day, a video to remind me - and them - of the fun we can have out, running free, and going wild in the country.
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