Saturday, 21 December 2013


A: An unconventional way to cut cookies
T: Making reindeer food. Those little wrists!

These children of mine: so maddening and yet so thrilling. They could not be more excited about Christmas and we're reaching fever pitch. I dread to think what Christmas Eve will be like; I have a strict schedule of physical activity planned, and intend to wear them out as much as possible.

Week 51. What?! Recent weeks have been just so busy and action-packed. I've loved this project so much but I find it equally motivating and frustrating; the need to take a picture every week can sometimes feel like I've included images that aren't technically great, nor that really represent the week. But they are there, necessary and real. I've had to put so many things on hold this month; I cannot wait for (almost) a fortnight of living lazy ahead. Nearly there....
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