Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Autumn bling / an acorn cup tutorial

Every time we go to the woods we come home with rosy cheeks and pockets full of acorn cups. There's something about the scale of an acorn cup that appeals to my inner child; I imagine tiny woodland dwellers picnicking on the forest floor sipping some magical potion from acorn cups, nibbling on a mossy snack. I've been reading too much Faraway Tree, haven't I?

But, despite the stacks of autumn souvenirs brought home, I never know what to do with those little vessels. Last year, I glued shiny bright beads into the cups and hung them from the Christmas tree. This year, we tried something different. This is one of the easiest crafts you could ever wish to attempt; A is 6 and was perfectly capable of both glueing and glittering alongside me.

You will need:
Acorn cups
PVA glue and a brush
Glitter in colours of your choosing
A shallow dish and play dough/plasticine/blu-tack

To make:
Line the base of your dish with your play dough. Squash the acorn cup bases into the dough, so that the inner cup is uppermost.
Then, simply paint your glue into the inside of the acorn cups, a few at a time.
To add the glitter, I poured each colour glitter into a separate sandwich bag and filled each cup with as much glitter as it would take (while holding over the open bag). Tip the excess back out into the bag.
Return acorn cups to the play dough dish, securing firmly, and leave to dry.

These beautiful, blingy trinkets resemble geodes cracked open to reveal shimmering mineral crystals. Each time I walked past my bowl as the acorn cups were drying, I did a double take as they reminded me so much of Quality Street wrappers. 

I think I'll string a few up, perhaps with a few crochet chains, and add them to the Christmas tree or, perhaps, a wreath. And I have another idea for a craft to use these up - all will be revealed soon enough...

This is my entry into Lou's Nature in the Home this week.
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