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Lullaby of Broadway: A blackberry cocktail recipe

Blackberry cocktail | Oyster & Pearl blog

In my twenties, I was obsessed with the 1930s. There was a song I used to have on my iPod - Lullaby of Broadway - that used to make me wish I'd wake up one day in that glamorous era. The lyrics spoke of a girl out partying all night long: 'Baby goes home to her flat to sleep all day. Goodnight baby, goodnight, milkman's on his way.'

Oh, the music! And the dresses, the dancing, the architecture: I love it all. But especially the cocktails. I've named this one after that charming song, and it's an autumnal delight that I imagine myself - my other, thirties self - getting giddy on and dancing the night away.

This cocktail uses a simple blackberry syrup that you can easily make, for this or for other uses (just as a cordial with sparkling water, perhaps, or as a topping for ice cream). It will keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks. The addition of lavender adds a bit of glamour to the proceedings but you can leave it out if it's not your bag.

Blackberries for a blackberry cocktail | Oyster & Pearl blog

Making blackberry syrup or cordial | Oyster & Pearl blog

Blackberry and lavender syrup (makes 100ml)
150g blackberries
25g sugar
60ml water
Juice of half a lemon
3 lavender heads or up to a tablespoon of dried flowers

Place all the ingredients into a small pan and heat over a medium hob for 15-20 minutes, until the berries begin to break up.
Strain, cool and bottle.

Pouring a cocktail animated gif | Oyster & Pearl

Lullaby of Broadway cocktail
1 tbsp blackberry and lavender syrup
1 tbsp Tanqueray no.10 gin
Sparkling wine, to top

Pour the syrup into a cocktail glass. Add the gin, then top with chilled sparkling wine.
Be warned: this is potent.

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