Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hello October

When summer turned into autumn a few weeks back (or so the calendar said), I resisted. I wasn't ready to let go of long days, warm skin, and that thrill of potential packed into every sunny second.

It never used to be this way. Before having kids I would always name winter as my favourite season; partly because my birthday falls in December, partly because I love Christmas. We married in early February, when trees were bare and the countryside held that bleak beauty England does so well - all greys and mist and bluster.

Since the babies, summer has changed or perhaps I have. Our days are spent outdoors as much as possible, we're up early and the light (and lack of it) seems to affect me more acutely. I need the good weather to keep me grounded, which is why I couldn't quite succumb to autumn back then when back-to-school meant a slow descent into certain gloom.

It's been such a mild September, though, and the past month's gentle cooling and darkening has done wonders - I have adjusted. Hello October. This month is beautiful: the leaves, Halloween, half term, warm coats, the first fire. I'm ready.
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