Friday, 18 October 2013

They have a dream / part one

What you're seeing here is the 'before'. A grubby old mess, a beautiful big fig tree, a not-very-kid-friendly garden. 

Way back in March, I went to the Tots100 blog summit (which was brilliant) and came away with loads of little bottles of Actimel and a business card. Turns out, Actimel and their Family Wellbeing Index do amazing things with bloggers. Like, really amazing.

One of their Family Wellbeing Index projects was to work with bloggers to facilitate play. I sent them an email outlining our project and a very rough budget, and kept everything crossed. Not long after, I had a call. Actimel had agreed to fund our project - a treehouse for the boys. 

The whole family spent about a week walking around with our jaws dropped. We just couldn't believe it. But where to start? Part of the deal was for us to come up with a design and to find a treehouse builder, which took a lot longer than we'd anticipated. It gave us the time to make sure we got it all just right, though, and the boys drew picture after picture of their dream treehouse.

Want to see it? I'm going to make you wait. But I think it's worth it...

Sponsored: Actimel paid for our treehouse through their Family Wellbeing Index, a fact we still can't quite believe.

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