Wednesday, 4 September 2013

An education

For all the spelling tests and the maths questions and the reading levels, there is a kind of education that doesn't come from school. Recently, a friend told me about this TED talk, where Ken Robinson questions traditional school-based education and proposes that creativity will be a key skill in the future, one that isn't currently taught by the national curriculum. Although we praise A for all his educational efforts, the things that really impress me are the ones he comes out with spontaneously: his wordplay, his art, and his jokes. The creative stuff...

The performers at Giffords Circus have it in spades; they are one of the most creative, comical, and mesmerising collectives I've ever encountered. After our visit last year, we were counting down the days until this year's trip, and it didn't disappoint. 'Lucky 13' is a show that dazzles and delights, with classic circus acts and hilarious tricks that left me crying with laughter. Tweedy the Clown leapt into the audience and came to sit alongside A, who could not have been more thrilled. Everything about Giffords is a triumph: of aesthetics, of comedy, of good, old-fashioned entertainment. This is quality stuff. See it if you can.

And on the way back out of Minchinhampton, we drove down the road across the common where the cows were grazing. One animal walked out onto the tarmac, and we stopped to wait for her to pass. Absentmindedly, I said 'Why did the cow cross the road?'. Quick as a whip, A answered 'To get to the udder side, of course'. 

That's what I'm talking about.


Giffords were kind enough to give us a press pass to review this show. As always, views are my own. Easy to write nice things about such a flipping brilliant show.
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