Saturday, 28 September 2013


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013

A: Choosing a new book
T: Choosing a pumpkin

Choices, choices. One of my children is decisive; the other finds it impossible.

Today's been good. It's been a while since we had one of those days: the uncomplicated ones, the ones that make you remember what you wished for and grateful that you got it. This morning, A went to a party so Ben and I took little T out for lunch. It's rare to have that solo time together with him and he's blossoming so much; it felt like a gift. Then, we bunked off A's swimming class, instead heading to the bookshop and out for a meal together. Going out to eat with T is hit and miss at the best of times. Today, it was a hit and he was a total pleasure. We sat at those Wagamama benches alongside another family with two sons, probably ten years older than ours. Both kids and the mother spent half the meal on their iPhones. I found it really sad to see; I think it contributed to how grateful I felt for my boys talking, all sparky, and wolfing down their noodles. (I don't mean that to sound judgey, more that I'm fearful of what's to come if that kind of family meal lies in my future.)

After supper, we headed to the penthouse of central Bristol: Cabot Tower. There, we explored the view of the city spread out in front of us, and giggled at the graffiti declaration of love to some other Bristol Lottie. Back on the ground the boys chased squirrels and gathered autumn leaves.

See what I mean? These are precious days.


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