Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bristol 04 / Lullaby

Lullaby by Luke Jerram


At dusk, a child is woken by strange and ethereal music surrounding their home. Running to the front door with their parents, the music can be heard coming from down the end of the street. A shoal of twinkling lights is seen in the distance getting closer. Only as the mass of illuminated bikes pass their house will they realise that the music is coming from speakers attached to dozens of decorated bikes producing the most ambient and serene music.
Lullaby is a gift to a city. A surround sound illuminated artwork delivered to the public's door at dusk.
Last night, this happened. As darkness fell, A was drifting off to sleep with the window open, and Ben and I sat in the living room, working. Suddenly we heard the sound of birdsong and music coming from the top of the street, and raced to the window to watch. Twenty or so bikes, covered in lights, meandered by in the dusky evening, the music getting louder and then quieter again as they passed the house. Ben, outside with his camera, looked up to the bedroom window to see A, a look of wonder on his face, pressed up against the glass. 
Bristol: you're so very good at this sort of thing.
Lullaby by Luke Jerram with Sustrans took place on Monday 26 August 2013. 

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