Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A weekend of magic

Midnight feasts and pillow fights. Giant sandcastle competitions and stories round the campfire. Fairy houses in the trees and acrobats in the branches. Lantern parades and a wild rumpus. Pirate training and lasso lessons. Sing-a-long Jungle Book and a 70s disco. Gruffalos in the forest and a dancing dragon.

Oh my goodness me, it sounds like something from an Enid Blyton book, doesn't it? (Well, maybe not the 70s disco.) But I'm just describing our weekend at Just So festival. And what a weekend it was. I hope you can see from the photographs just what an incredibly thoughtful and well-put-together event this was; every single tiny detail was just perfect, just so.

The organisers of the festival are dreamers of dreams, able to imagine their way into the head of a child and to create a combination of everything that's magical about being a kid. Six tribes roamed the site, and festival-goers were invited to choose from frogs, lions, fish, foxes, owls, and stags (the best-costumed earning points for their tribe). We hung out with friends old (my bezzie and her sweet daughter) and new (Kat and Heather), and fell in love with a brass band (Perhaps Contraption) and a dazzling dance show (Shiny).

Arthur and Ted had the times of their little lives, loving every second of the fun, the music, the dancing, the stories, the camping, the laughing, the exploring, the eating, the hay fights and the sheer joy of it all. They will not stop talking about it, and already they're asking when we can go back. Real life feels very dull in comparison.

We were kindly invited to the festival by the organisers of Just So, and we're incredibly grateful. Thank you Rowan and Sarah - you are AMAZING!

Likewise, we were each sent a pair of beautiful Hunter boots to take with us - we love them (Hunter was one of the festival sponsors). I chose Original Shorts in aubergine, Ben went for Original Adjustables in navy, Arthur opted for the Glow in the Dark Original Kids' (how cool are they?!), and Ted looked fetching in red Original Kids' Gloss. Thank you Hunter.
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