Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Inspired by... / 01

Meet Sarah. 

I knew her as my godmother: a brilliant and sweet woman, kind and inventive, and always lots of fun. She was an excellent role model as well; a tough, intelligent woman who carved out a career in what was a very male-dominated world. Her work changed government policy and saved lives (you can read about her life and what she achieved in one of the obituaries written about her in the national press).

Sarah inspired so much in me. I stayed with her for a couple of months after I graduated, working as a lowly runner for a live TV programme. She always told me how proud she was and encouraged me to try harder. I remember a time we were at the Clothes Show Live and I spotted a celebrity I admired. Too shy to go and say hello, Sarah said 'if you don't ask, you don't get' and marched over with me. I'll never forget those words; they shaped my outlook and turned me from a weedy, rather spoilt teenager into a braver person.

She died over six years ago now, while I was pregnant with A. My mother often says how much she'd love to have met my children, or how proud she'd be of me now. I miss her terribly.


Inspired by... 
A new little series to document the people, places and things - big or small - that change my perceptions, spark something new, or just tickle my fancy. 

What has inspired you today?

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